Newborn Information:

Please take a moment to help me prepare for your session.


Without a doubt, newborns are my favorite age to photograph. As a Mommy of three, I love having mommies and newborns in my studio.


The best time to contact me is before you have your baby because I am usually booked one to three months in advance. Once the Session Fee is paid, I will add you to my schedule when your due date is expected. Because we can never be 100% sure when your little one will arrive, when you book a session we will reserve time for you around 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your expected due date. When your baby makes an appearance I ask that you add me to your list of people to call or email. We will then confirm your appointment. Your session should take place within 4-14 days of the baby’s birth. Please do not schedule the photo session on the same day as a doctor’s appointment; it’s just too much for your little peanut.

Newborns should be photographed within the first 14 days of life, when mom’s milk has come in, the baby is getting enough to eat, and is sleeping well, and curling up small. Only prior to 14 days can we capture the sweet curling up that only very young newborns will do. We can get a lot of really fun poses with them, that we just can’t do when they are older. (The images you see on my website under the Newborn section are of babies younger than 10 days, usually younger than one week). Also, after the first week is when things like colic and baby acne can begin! 


Newborn sessions take place in my Union City, CA studio. If you prefer an on location newborn session, I must be informed immediately (travel fee of $150/first 20 miles applies). 

Newborn sessions can last up to 2 hours depending on how well baby sleeps during the session. It’s not uncommon for the session with a newborn to last up to 2hours. I will send out detailed information on how to prepare for your newborn session and if the directions are followed it seems to really help the session run more smoothly. 

During the session, I will be handling the baby and doing the posing. For the most part, the parents can sit back and relax. I may ask you to hold up a blanket or possibly help hold the baby in a certain position.

Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your new bundle of joy. I hope you will enjoy these precious moments for a long time to come!


*The trick for getting successful newborn photos is a very warm and well-fed baby. There is something about the photographic process that makes newborns extra hungry so please bring extra formula or expressed milk and be prepared to nurse more than normal. If possible please time it so that your babies feed will naturally fall at the start of the session.  I will give you space and time to feed the baby and sooth him/her to sleep once you arrive. The reason this works best is that if you feed your baby before you come he will start his sleep cycle while in his car seat and we would prefer to have baby do that at the studio. It works best if you try to keep your baby awake for an hour or so before the session if possible.

*Please bring a pacifier as they help to get babies to sleep and soothe them. If you have one (even if your child won’t really take it) please bring it to the session as it may help me. I always pull the pacifier out before taking photos. I recommend Gumdrop pacifiers and I have some that I like to use just for the session if you forget to bring some. They come sterilized and individually sealed. If you do not plan on using pacifiers please be assured that babies don’t get attached to them after our session and they really do help calm a fussy baby and get those sweet images.

*If your baby takes a bottle please bring it, as this can be very helpful during the session.


Wear something comfortable. If you are doing parent shots please wear a neutral color. My style is very soft and warm so colors that work well are creams, ivory, tans, peach etc. Suggestions for mom would be a pretty camisole, flowy or lacy top or even a dress. I do have some beautiful gowns that mom's can wear. Dad's look best either in a plain white t-shirt or bear skin with no shirt. Also please bring something that will be comfortable to wear while I am photographing your baby. 

*Since newborn babies are usually photographed in their birthday suits the studio will be kept at 85 degrees so be prepared to layer down. It does feel very hot and sweaty in there.

*I photograph babies in their birthday suits or wraps. Newborn babies just don’t fill out clothes properly. They are so much sweeter without all that bulky fabric. I would be happy to schedule another session down the road to photograph your baby in any special outfits.

*Also do bring a spare shirts/blankets for both of you as babies do pee/poop and accidents happen though I do everything I can to avoid getting you messy. Also I’ll have spare blankets in case of accidents, and there are always are a few so please don’t stress on that happening.

*If you have any special items from their nursery that mean something to you e.g. an old wood rocking horse, a stuffed toy, please bring it and we can try and incorporate it. Please feel free to bring any hats or headbands that you would really like to use. I only ask that you inform me of any items you want to incorporate so I can prepare the session accordingly.

Parent and Sibling Shots

Images with baby and siblings or baby with parents are typically taken at the end of the session or in the very beginning. I love taking images with babies and their parents or siblings. If you want to include more people such as Grandparents, additional sitting fee applies.  

*Final Payments can me made online by PayPal, cash, or Venmo at least 1 day  before your session.

*Outside cameras are not permitted at your newborn session. Please do not take photos with a camera or cell phone or tablets during the session. Thank You.